PUBLICA’s crèche

Kids are well looked after too

We want our staff to enjoy the best possible balance of work and family life. Kita PUBLICA, our crèche, is one way we help them achieve that. It is just round the corner from our office, and children from the local neighbourhood are also welcome.

PUBLICA’s crèche is just round the corner at Scheuerrain 6 and 2, and has places for up to 24 children aged from three months until they start school. Children of PUBLICA employees have priority. They can attend for a minimum of 20% (one day per week). If there are places free, children from the Scheuerrain housing development or the neighbourhood are welcome too, for a minimum of 40% (two days a week).

Eine PUBLICA-Mitarbeiterin holt ihre Tochter von der Kita ab.

The crèche has been run on our behalf by the Swiss charitable women’s association (SGF) since 2007. It is housed in two modern, spacious ground-floor flats in an apartment block. In its nine rooms, children can discover the world around them and develop gradually at their own pace. There is also a large garden, a sandpit and a play area where they can let off steam, play and explore their environment.

Kinderhände mit Kinderspielzeug
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