Our real estate portfolio is growing

Real estate Switzerland

Real estate makes up a significant proportion of our investments. We invest directly in existing buildings, plots of land for construction and projects in Switzerland. These offer a stable return on our investment and so help to safeguard pensions.

Prime locations are the hallmark of our properties

Our properties are mainly located in urban centres and easily accessible suburbs, as well as along main traffic routes. We are looking to expand our portfolio.

Our portfolio in figures

  • PUBLICA currently has CHF 3.3 billion invested directly in real estate. That is around 8% of our total investments.
  • PUBLICA currently owns 76 properties in the residential, office and retail sectors. In total, that gives us around 650,000 m2 of rentable space – equivalent to around 90 football fields. 
  • There are 50 places in Switzerland in which PUBLICA owns one or more properties.
  • Six new projects are currently under construction or being developed.
  • The average value of the properties is CHF 44 million.
  • We have purchased properties worth around CHF 500 million since 2019 and are continually expanding our portfolio.

These figures ar for 2022.

We answer questions about our real estate portfolio at

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PUBLICA’s real estate team operates strategically

PUBLICA’s real estate team is made up of ten specialists in various areas:

  • Portfolio Management views plots of land, projects and existing buildings throughout Switzerland to assess their suitability as investments. Our managers are quick to identify trends, market changes and risks. They also ensure that we exploit rent and development potential to the full and optimise the costs of management and maintenance.
  • The Building Owner’s Representative plans and oversees development and construction projects.
  • Investment Controlling checks whether business transactions that are financially relevant are settled correctly and accounting standards are complied with.

Outside companies manage and maintain the properties on our behalf.

The properties we’re interested in

Are you thinking of offering a property to PUBLICA? Our priorities are

  • Residential properties, including residences for students and seniors
  • Office premises
  • Retail and commercial (service) properties

We’re also on the lookout for building land and development projects in construction zones. Our preference is for sizeable business locations with a focus on large and medium-sized cities and properties valued at CHF 20 million or more.


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Christoph Gerber

Head of Real Estate
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Phone +41 58 485 23 20

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