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Are you interested in working for the Federal Administration or an organisation affiliated to PUBLICA? This page lets you simulate what happens when you join and get an idea of your contributions and benefits. If you are new to PUBLICA, you do not have to do anything yourself. The department responsible at your new employer will automatically register you with us. We will send you the QR invoice for the transfer of your pension assets shortly.
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Want to calculate your pension benefits?

Our simulation tool for new members will help you to work out your contributions and bene.

You can find it here.

When does your insurance with us start?

PUBLICA insures you against the risks of death and disability as soon as you start your new job, and you start saving for your retirement at the same time.

Younger staff start paying in as follows:


  • from 1 January after turning 17 for the risks of death and disability
  • from 1 January after turning 21 for a retirement pension

Frequently asked questions about joining PUBLICA

You will find answers to the most common questions about joining the Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA here.

Who is my contact at PUBLICA?
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When will I get a pension certificate?
Can I submit a life partnership agreement to PUBLICA?
How can I further improve my retirement benefits?
Can I make additional buy-ins after joining?

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