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Multiple jobs

The ways we live and work are changing. Many people work part time and, often, for more than one employer. PUBLICA does not distinguish between primary and secondary employment.

Was bedeutet Mehrfachbeschäftigung?

The various pension regulations prescribe different entry thresholds for occupational benefits insurance. Some have no threshold at all, making it easier to join. PUBLICA used to distinguish between primary and secondary employment, but following the modernisation of its pension offering, this is no longer the case.

How can I obtain occupational pension insurance for both of my part-time jobs?

If you work for more than one employer and all of them are affiliated to the same pension plan, your salaries are added together. You will be insured with that pension plan for every job you do.

If you are unsure whether all your jobs are added together and so can be insured together, talk to your contact.

Key facts

The coordination offset “coordinates” the insured salary between OASI and pension fund. In other words, it makes sure that parts of your salary are not insured twice over. The coordination offset is currently 7/8 of the maximum OASI annual pension, which equates to CHF 25,725. This amount is deducted from the basic salary to leave the insured OASI salary.

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