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Voluntary savings contributions

You can increase your retirement assets every month with additional, voluntary savings contributions that are deducted from your salary and paid into the pension fund in accordance with the pension plan regulations. This allows you to improve your pension benefits month by month.
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How do voluntary savings contributions work?

Under pension plan's regulations, you can opt to pay an additional, voluntary savings contribution every month to increase your retirement assets

Notification of additional, voluntary savings contributions

Contact your HR department if you would like to pay voluntary savings contributions. They will notify us of the contributions. Depending on the pension plan, adjustments can be made for the following month or the following year.

Advantages of voluntary savings contributions

Voluntary savings contributions can steadily increase your retirement assets. An affordable amount each month adds up to a lot of money over time. Unlike a buy-in, additional savings contributions can still be paid if an early withdrawal to buy a home has not yet been paid back. Should you become partially or fully disabled, your accrued retirement savings are either paid out as a lump sum or left to increase your eventual retirement pension. Survivors always receive a lump-sum payout.

Also worth knowing

If you have used up all of your buy-in potential, you can increase it again by making voluntary savings contributions.  

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