Elected representatives

PUBLICA’s delegates

The PUBLICA Act, which came into force in 2008, also created the Assembly of Delegates. It is made up of 80 employees from all the employers affiliated to PUBLICA.

Executive Committee

Marcel Wüthrich

Marcel Wüthrich

Phone +41 58 464 37 40
Jacqueline Morard

Jacqueline Morard

Vice President
Phone +41 21 693 98 53

Three constituencies

The Assembly of Delegates is divided into three constituencies. The number of seats allocated to each pension plan is determined by the proportion of PUBLICA’s total funding capital it accounts for:

Wahlkreis I (Vorsorgewerk Bund)
Wahlkreis II (Dezentrale Bundesverwaltung inkl. ETH-Bereich)
Wahlkreis III (Angeschlossene Organisation)

The most important task of the Assembly of Delegates is electing the eight employee representatives on the Board of Directors, PUBLICA’s supreme management body. Delegates from Constituency I also elect the parity commission of the Confederation pension plan once every four years. Each year, the Director and Deputy of PUBLICA inform the Assembly of Delegates about the operations of the PUBLICA collective institution. The Assembly has the right to submit proposals to the Board of Directors.

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