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Life partnership

With PUBLICA, you can ensure that your life partner receives the same level of survivor’s benefits as a spouse. All you have to do is sign a life partnership agreement while both of you are alive.
Lebensereignis Lebenspartnerschaft

The same survivor’s pension as a spouse

When an active member insured with PUBLICA dies, his or her surviving life partner is entitled to a pension if one of the following conditions is met:

  • she or he is at least 40 years old and was the insured member’s life partner for at least five years without interruption prior to the latter’s death; or
  • she or he is responsible for the care of one or more joint children who are entitled to an orphan’s pension.

The entitlement only applies if you have provided us with a life partnership agreement in writing while both of you are alive. This can be found among the fact sheets at the bottom of this page.  

The amount of the life partner’s pension is equal to that of a spouse’s pension.

Some or all of it can be paid out as a lump sum, provided the deceased was not yet drawing a retirement pension.

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