Strategy and values

As the pension fund of the federal government, we are committed to ensuring that our active members receive good, reliable pension benefits. We are guided by a set of values and have defined strategic priorities – sets of measures that we will focus on in the years ahead.

Who we are and how we see ourselves

We are the Federal Pension Fund. We are committed to ensuring that our active members receive good, reliable pension benefits. To that end, we invest their assets responsibly and profitably.

  • Our active members work within the federal government, the ETH Domain and other organisations that fulfil public tasks.
  • The benefits we provide are central to ensuring that our active members can maintain their accustomed standard of living in an appropriate way once they retire. We insure our active members and their relatives financially in case they become unable to work, and in the event of death.
  • We finance our benefits using the funded system: we invest the contributions our active members pay in a responsible and profitable way, and pay them an annuity or a lump sum when they reach the end of their insurance period. Our benefits are safeguarded for the long term.
  • With total assets of around CHF 39.5 billion and some 110,000 active members, we are one of the biggest pension funds in Switzerland. We want to take the lead for the sector by actively embracing change.

The values that guide us

PUBLICA takes its responsibilities seriously
PUBLICA is service-oriented
PUBLICA takes the initiative

What we aim to achieve: our strategic priorities

We will align ourselves more closely with the needs of our active members and their employers
We will position the third contributor more strongly
Where sensible and necessary, we will use digital technologies
We will simplify our structures

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