My pension plan at PUBLICA

The IPI pension plan

Whether you are an active or former employee, this page offers a wealth of useful information about your pension plan: the name of your contact, the members of your parity commission, your interest rates, savings contributions and plan type (standard/management), as well the pension plan’s key figures and legal basis.

Also worth knowing

There is no entry threshold for the IPI pension plan. You can join whatever your salary level. Another advantage is that, as your employer, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property will pay the risk premium in full. 
In addition, you can make voluntary savings contributions to top up your pillar 2 retirement assets. You can choose between two voluntary options and simulate them on myPublica.

Current funded ratio

As at 31.03.2024 the regulatory funded ratio stands at 112.6%.

Performance in past years

Contributions for pension plan types

Active members and their employers pay contributions based on the insured salary to fund retirement, disability and death benefits. The savings contributions vary, depending on the pension plan type (standard/management) and age. You can also make additional, voluntary savings contributions to top up your retirement assets. Depending on your plan type (standard/management), you can choose from a number of percentage options for your voluntary savings contributions.

Age group Employee’s savings contribution Employer’s savings contribution Total retirement credits
22 - 34 5.95% 6.80% 12.75%
35 - 44 7.80% 9.55% 17.35%
45 - 54 10.70% 17.90% 28.60%
55 - 65 14.10% 24.60% 38.70%
66 - 70 8.75% 8.75% 17.50%

Voluntary savings contribution:

You can choose a monthly voluntary savings contribution of between two or four percent. Contact your human resources department.

Risk premium

PUBLICA levies a risk premium of 2% of the insured salary to insure the risks of death and disability. The employer pays this in full.

Interest rates and key figures

From 1 January 2024, the OPA minimum interest rate is 1.25%.

Your pension plan’s parity commission has set the following interest rates for retirement assets and for vested benefits paid out during the year as follows:

  • Interest rate on retirement assets in 2023: 1,25%
Interest rates 2024
Interest on arrears for subsequent payment of benefits 2.25%
Default interest on reimbursement 2.25%
employment relationship prior to the 1 January after the 21st birthday 1.25%
Interest on termination benefit 1.25%
Default interest on termination benefits 2.25%
Interest on reimbursement of vested benefits 1.25%

Legal basis

Parity commission

The following people were appointed to the IPI parity commission for the term of office from 1 April 2023 to 30 March 2027:


Employer representative
Name Employer Function Contact
Evelyne Keller Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property President
Matthias Schmid Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property Member
Employee representative
Name Employer Function Contact
Simon Strässle Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property Vice-Chair
Johann Witgert Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property Member

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