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As an employee, you are insured against the risks of disability and death from 1 January of the year after your 17th birthday. Your employer pays for this insurance in the form of a risk premium. In some cases, you pay no additional contributions; in others, you share the cost of the premium with your employer.
Lebensereignis Invalidität

What can you expect from PUBLICA if you become disabled?

Entitlement to a pension

In principle, you are entitled to a disability pension if you are declared disabled by Swiss Federal Disability Insurance (IV), the IV decision has acquired legal force, your inability to work begins while you are insured with PUBLICA, and your employer’s obligation to continue paying your salary has ended.

How your pension entitlement is calculated from 01.01.2024

Degree of disability Pension entitlement in %
Less than 40% No pension
40% 25%
41% 27.5%
42% 30%
43% 32.5%
44% 35%
45% 37.5%
46% 40%
47% 42.5%
48% 45%
49% 47.5%
50 - 69% As per disability level
70 - 100% 100%

After your 65th birthday, your disability pension is converted into a retirement pension, which cannot be paid out as a lump sum.

For as long as you are disabled, you and your employer are exempt from paying savings contributions and the risk premium to the extent of the pension entitlement.

Disabled person’s child’s pension

The children of those who receive a disability pension are entitled to a disabled person’s child’s pension until their 18th birthday. This can be extended until the 25th birthday if the child is still in full-time education or is at least 70% disabled under the terms of the Invalidity Insurance Act. The disabled person’s child’s pension is one sixth of the disability pension for each eligible child.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about disability, contact a customer advisor from our specialist team:

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