The mechanism that guides our investments

Our investment process

The investment process is the most important mechanism guiding how we invest pension assets. It defines who does what and who is responsible in each case. It ensures that all of PUBLICA’s governing bodies have a shared understanding of our investment activity.

Six steps

PUBLICA’s investment process consists of six steps:

  1. Our mandate is derived from the PUBLICA Act.
  2. We review our investment policy at least every four years.
  3. We also review the strategic asset allocation every four years.
  4. We implement the strategic asset allocation and 
  5. monitor it continually.
  6. We apply the principles of best governance, which means we consistently separate the tasks of advising, decision-making and controlling. This allows us to avoid conflicts of interest.
PUBLICA’s investment process
1. Mandate
2. Review of the long-term investment policy
3. Review of the strategic asset allocation (ALM process)
4. Implementation of the strategic asset allocation
5. Monitoring of the strategic asset allocation
6. Best governance

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