Working for PUBLICA

At PUBLICA, we work together as a team

There is no doubt that occupational pensions are a complex topic, but at PUBLICA we make an effort to ensure everyone understands how they work. This is part of our mandate to invest the money entrusted to us in the interests of our active members and pension recipients, so that we can always pay out pensions when they are due. That trust spurs us on and guides us as we work together to achieve our goals.

A team of professionals

Our workforce at PUBLICA consists of around 120 professionals who rededicate themselves to their task each day: ensuring that our customers feel properly catered to and confident in the advice they receive, whatever their situation; that pension capital is invested responsibly while also generating returns; that IT applications are kept running smoothly and our offices are clean and secure; that pensions, salaries and invoices can be paid on time; and that we can recruit and support our staff.

Generational mix

Our team spans the generations, which leads to some animated discussions – for instance in our “Cucina PUBLICA” where people meet for a coffee, lunch, a chat or a game of table football. We are happy to share our knowledge and take time for the things that matter to both our customers and our colleagues, whether we are working in the office or from home. We are on first name terms with each other and speak our minds when necessary, while of course remaining courteous and respectful at all times.

PUBLICA Mitarbeitende in der Cucina

Life-long learning

We want our staff to keep their skills up to date. That is why we promote life-long learning and support both in-house and external training courses.

Arbeiten bei PUBLICA

An appealing package

We offer attractive salaries, robust occupational pensions for our staff, and very favourable savings contributions. The coordination offset is calculated on the basis of the weekly working hours, leading to a higher insured salary and a bigger pension later on. As employer, we pay the risk premium for the occupational pension as well as the costs of non-occupational accident insurance. Continued salary payments in the event of sickness or accident are generous, while our child allowances are above the statutory minimum.

Working hours
Flexible working
Work/life balance
Excellent infrastructure and location
Contributions towards the costs of season tickets for public transport
Federal staff savings bank
Attractive conditions for mortgages

Good to know

In total, 56 women and 64 men work at PUBLICA (as at april 2024). 39 women and eight men work part time (less than 80%). Women account for 21.2% of staff at management level – a figure we are working to increase.

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