In Chavannes, trees are still putting down roots

PUBLICA invests in directly held real estate in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. The Cèdres development in Chavannes-près-Renens on the outskirts of Lausanne is a particularly attractive location, combining energy efficiency with proximity to the city, good public transport links and ample green spaces for recreation.

The Cèdres development in Chavannes-près-Renens is being built in a number of stages. PUBLICA has invested in 49 apartments and a commercial space that have been occupied since spring 2023. During the year, it acquired a further 166 apartments, 4 commercial spaces and 4 offices, all of which are currently under construction and will be ready for use in early 2026.

There are many new builds and renovation projects on the market in Lausanne. PUBLICA chose the properties in the Cèdres development because they are fully in line with the sustainability objectives and offer residents very good transport links to the city combined with a high quality of life amid verdant surroundings.

The entire development is traffic-free above ground level, with access to the underground car park located right next to the entrance. Each parking space is ready to receive an electric vehicle charging station. The number of parking spaces is designed to be lower than the number of apartments to encourage residents to use public transport. Close to the development is the M1 metro station, from where it’s just a few minutes to the centre of Lausanne and main railway station. A bridge over the motorway for pedestrians and cyclists is planned, providing quick and safe access to the centre of Renens.

The commercial spaces on the ground-floor levels are home to service businesses and shops including a Migros supermarket, restaurant, crèche, gym and ballet school. 

Demand for rental properties in the suburbs of Lausanne is high. PUBLICA expects the apartments and business premises in the new buildings to be rented out swiftly.

Heat recovery and concrete recycling

All the buildings are being constructed to the Minergie standard. A number of communal heat pumps supply warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer. Heat is recovered from the buildings’ waste water. Solar panels on the roofs of all the properties generate electricity that is used directly by residents, either in their homes or to charge electric vehicles. 

The Cèdres development also uses recycled concrete. The general contractor, Orllati Real Estate SA, and its sister company Orllati Environnement SA specialise in sorting, processing and re-using the waste created on building sites. Since 2017, they have even been able to recycle old concrete by crushing it and using it as aggregate to manufacture new concrete. Orllati can also undertake contaminated site remediation, ensuring that the material can be re-used in its entirety.

Drohnenaufnahme des Quartiers Cèdres

The Cèdres development in figures

  • 55% of the outdoor area is greened
  • 30,000 m2 of green areas (vegetable garden, play areas, meadows, etc.)
  • 5,000 m2 of urban woodland
  • 600 trees

Old trees reintegrated, new ones planted

The outdoor areas meet the sustainability criteria and offer residents spacious recreational areas in a natural setting. A unique concept has been devised with the commune of Chavannes-près-Renens, under which the latter assumes responsibility for upkeep. A number of trees that were already on the site before building began have been kept where they stood, protected during construction work, and integrated into the new development’s grounds. Others were temporarily stored in plant pots and are now putting down fresh roots at their allotted location in the development. The majority of the newly planted shrubs and trees are indigenous. There are few sections of lawn, with the green areas largely given over to meadow gardens.

Construction will culminate in a few years’ time with a large, green high-rise that will become the flagship of this sustainable development.

Zedernbaum in Chavannes

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Cèdres park is genuinely green

With an urban woodland, large meadow garden, water fountains, communal gardens and ample leisure areas, Cèdres park emphasises proximity to nature.

1. Urban woodland
2. Meadow garden
3. Place des Cèdres
4. Pool
5. Forecourt of the green high-rise
6. Communal gardens

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