CO2 reduction targets at Sika

The construction sector is responsible for 40% of global CO2 emissions. Sika, a major construction chemicals manufacturer and supplier, was open to dialogue and, as a result, has consolidated its CO2 measurement and drawn up a comprehensive reduction plan.

Based in the canton of Zug, the Swiss construction chemicals manufacturer has seen strong growth and record sales in recent years thanks to the construction boom. At the end of 2023, PUBLICA held Sika shares worth CHF 65 million. In 2021, Sika was unable to present robust climate plans. SVVK-ASIR and its partner Columbia Threadneedle therefore initiated a two-year dialogue with the company. Four targets were defined, three of which have been achieved.

What dialogue with Sika achieved

Sika now measures CO2 emissions
CO2 targets defined
Emissions reduction linked to executive compensation
Sika still working on more sustainable products

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