Tania Cucè and Adrian Egger newly elected to PUBLICA Board of Directors

PUBLICA’s Assembly of Delegates has elected Tania Cucè and Adrian Egger to the PUBLICA Board of Directors as employee representatives. They succeed Mahidé Aslan and Jorge Serra.

The Board of Directors is PUBLICA’s supreme strategic body and comprises 16 members: eight each representing employees and employers. The Assembly of Delegates has elected Tania Cucè and Adrian Egger to succeed Mahidé Aslan and Jorge Serra, who announced that they would be stepping down at the end of June and the end of December 2023 respectively.

Tania Cucè, born in 1989, is Team Leader for international administrative assistance in tax matters at the Federal Tax Administration. She has Bachelor’s and Eucor Master of Law degrees from the University of Basel, a Master of Law degree in European studies from the University of Strasbourg, and a Master of Law degree from Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg. She had this to say about her appointment: “As a member of the Board of Directors, I will advocate for sustainable and fair solutions and foster a culture of open, solution-oriented discussion.”

Adrian Egger, born in 1973, is Head of Finance, HR and Administration at the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations Office and other international organisations in Geneva. After completing a banking apprenticeship, he gained an Advanced Federal Diploma in banking and an MBA from the University of Liverpool, specialising in emerging markets. “I worked abroad for many years with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, which gave me an insight into other countries’ pension systems. I look forward to giving the PUBLICA Board of Directors the benefit of this experience,” he said.

The employee representatives on the Board of Directors will reorganise and appoint a Vice-Chair to replace Jorge Serra. The employer representative Kaspar Müller will remain Chair for the next two years.

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